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Robot Resources

How Do We Get Started?

     Since many teams haven't ever mixed robots and water, we have worked to make it easy. We've tried to provide everything you need here to get started quickly and easily. The Electronics Resources document outlines some options and our recommendations for your tech. The Wiring Resources document talks about how to get everything connected. The Software Resources document will get you up and coding quickly and our Bot Construction and Waterproofing Resources document will help you get your build started. And if that isn't enough, we've built some demo bots and profiled them here as well (below) so you can see under the hood on some simple bots that can already play Water Game. Still have questions?  Try the Water Game Discord or contact us!

Electronics        Wiring        Software

Bot Construction and Waterproofing

Meet The Demo Bots!
(you don't have to use Legos)

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