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What is Water Game?

     "Water Game" has been a running joke in the FIRST and VEX robotics communities for many years. The idea is always that "next year" the normal 12' by 12' field the robots compete on will somehow be filled with water. We thought it would be a lot of fun to actually do this. The Water Game tournament is in San Diego and any robotics team can create their own water ready robots to compete in a newly designed Water Game on a field full of water.  We hope that this will not only be a lot of fun, but also allow robotics teams to try something new and expand their knowledge. Our overarching design goal with this game is to make it inexpensive, accessible, and for all teams to have a great time. Check out our Robot Resources page where we have created examples of water game bots to inspire you. The competition will take place in San Diego, California on August 3rd. We hope this is the start of an annual tradition. Feel free to send us ideas for Water Game 2025!

How does my team register?

     Teams can register by using our registration form. However, if you are a part of a robotics league, your team does not have to stay the same. Teams can split up to form smaller teams of 2 or more members and a robot.  Existing teams can also create a new name and get a new team number for Water Game competitions. Anyone can form a team to compete but keep in mind this is a competition for kids and teens. We will not be checking IDs, but if your team members have college degrees, and we think your robot is a little bit overpowered, we reserve the right to invent new rules, just for your team, on game day. But please don’t let that discourage you!

What will the tournament look like?

    Our tournament will run similar to FTC tournaments. Teams will each get a pit where they can set up their pit to hangout and do repairs on their robot. Practice fields will be available. The start of the tournament will be qualification matches with 4 robots on the field in two alliances, the red alliance and the blue alliance. Alliances will be randomly chosen at the start of the day. After the matches, all teams will compete in a double-elimination tournament. Teams will achieve rankings based on results of Qualification rounds which are then used for team seeding and alliance selection in the elimination tournament. Alliance captains for the final tournament will be selected based on highest ranking points and/or tie breaker points. For more on the tournament and the rules, head to the Game and Rules page.  The location has not been announced yet, but it will be outdoors to take advantage of the sunny San Diego weather in August.

Where can I ask questions?

     You can ask any questions you have about the game on our contact page or on the Water game discord. We will answer all of your questions, and if we think they will be helpful to other teams, your question will be posted without your name on the discord and on the Game and Rules page. These questions can be about the game, the tournament, and anything having to do with Water Game. Please reach out if you have any!

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